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Donald Trump Is President-Elect: Now What?

Now that U.S. voters elected Donald J. Trump president-elect, industry watchers weigh in on what the effects of the new administration may be for oil and gas.

Hart Energy Staff
Nov 9, 2016

Nation’s First Carbon Tax Goes Before Voters In Washington State

On Nov. 8, Washington state will vote on the nation’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax

Nov 2, 2016

America ‘First’ Or America ‘Together’

The U.S. presidential election appears to be one of the most jaded, negative and divisive in decades. Unfortunately, the fallout for the losing party may be brutal.

John Kneiss
Oct 25, 2016

Energy’s Future And The Ongoing Election Cycle

While two contentious nominees vie for the presidency, and even afterward, energy will continue to make the world go ’round.

Sep 26, 2016

Washington Adopts State GHG Rule

The rule, which goes into effect on Oct. 17, applies to facilities that emit 100,000 metric tons (mt) of GHGs annually, but lowers that threshold over time.

Sep 20, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Update

With the media increasingly polarized and much greater opinion-based editorializing, Stratas Advisors believes the Commission on Presidential Debates will be challenged to select reasonably objective and credible moderators.

Stratas Advisors
Aug 29, 2016