Policy & Regulation

How Tillerson Would Influence U.S. Policy And Energy Markets

Former ExxonMobil CEO provides hints to direction of U.S. foreign policy during confirmation hearing.

Stratas Advisors
Jan 18, 2017

Trump’s Cabinet And The Future of Climate Change Policy

President-elect Donald Trump's nominees for Energy, State and EPA all hold varying views about environmental policy, but are generally against intervening with the free market. 

Stratas Advisors
Dec 16, 2016

Fossil Fuel-Based Projects May Gain Momentum In US

Market dynamics overcome regulatory hurdles and political gamesmanship to create incentives for greenfield projects.

Rene Gonzalez
Dec 13, 2016

RIN Fraud Weakening Integrity Of RFS Program

Recent federal enforcement actions involving Renewable Identification Number malfeasance is a signal to market participants that they can expect to see more as regulators try to maintain control over the program.

Nov 21, 2016

Trump Open To Reforming RFS

The Trump administration will quickly move to enable forward progress for energy infrastructure and pipeline projects, Washington insider and energy expert Joseph McMonigle predicted during a webinar Nov. 11.

Nov 15, 2016

Will Mr. Hamm Go To Washington? Maybe Not

Expert doubts that Continental Resources’ Harold Hamm would take top DOE post, but several others are in the running.

Nov 14, 2016