Will A Weakened EPA Impact 2020 IMO Compliance Decision-Making?

How will a President Donald Trump presidency enforce IMO sulfur regulations in U.S. ECA zones?

Adrian Tolson
Dec 13, 2016

Clean Energy Awarded CNG Station Projects

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. recently announced that it was awarded two new fueling station construction projects, and that its Facility Modification Services (FMS) division continues to grow with multiple projects underway, including three for Cummins Inc.’s Sales and Service business.

Dec 8, 2016

Significant Variations In Diesel Fuel Quality Persist

Infineum has been tracking the trends in diesel fuel quality via its biennial Winter Diesel Fuel Survey since 1985, providing the industry with a comprehensive picture of the global changes. Here, Infineum outlines the key trends revealed by its 2016 Survey, which saw 335 fuel samples collected from 50 countries around the world and analyzed for over 30 parameters.

Infineum USA LP
Dec 7, 2016

Report: RNG Could Satisfy 85% Of Natural Gas Use In Transport In CA By 2020s

“We find that the LCFS credit of $120 per metric ton of CO2, if taken alone enables up to 14 bcf of RNG into the transportation fueling infrastructure over the study period, 6.3 bcf from landfill, 1.5 bcf from waste-water treatment, 1.75 bcf from municipal solid waste and 4.3 bcf from dairy,” according to the study.

Dec 7, 2016

Corning: New Emission Standards Driving Demand For Gasoline Particulate Filters

Demand for gasoline particulate filters is being driven by new regulations in Europe and China, which establish more stringent emissions limits and address particulates released by gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engine vehicles. GDI engine vehicles are increasingly popular as consumers demand better fuel economy without sacrificing engine performance.

Dec 7, 2016

CNG Fuels Launches Renewable Biomethane In UK

CNG Fuels is developing a nationwide network of refueling stations on major trunking routes fed by the high-pressure gas grid. Low processing, transportation and electricity charges make CNG a low-cost, clean solution, according to the company.

Dec 7, 2016